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Table of References

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List of Photos

 [h-1] Caption: none
Description: Cherie-Finesse cats at WCF Breed Recognition Show, June 20101, Cape Town.
From left to right: International Champion L'Dearheart Damosel Linette of Cherie-Finesse, bred by Dianne Amble (USA), Supreme Champion Cherie-Finesse King Diamond of Cherie-Sheldon (Port Elizabeth) and Supreme Champion L'Dearheart Sir Lancelot of Cherie-Finesse.
Photo: (c) Hanneke Bestbier
 [h-2] Caption: Modern Persian
Description: Face of Lionstone's Dayo of Jalbertus
Photo: This is a cut from a photo taken by (c) Teresa Fouché
 [h-3] Caption: Traditional Longhair
Description: Face of Supreme Champion Cherie-Finesse
Photo: From the Cherie-Finesse collection
 [h-4] Caption: none
Description: WCF Breed Application Document cover page
Photo: Image created by Alida Delport
 [h-5] Caption: none
Description: WCF Breed Proposal Presentation cover page
Photo: Image created by Alida Delport
 [h-6]  Caption: none
Description: Proposed cover page for the book "Traditional Longhair Cats and Related Breeds"
Photo: Image created by Alida Delport, using [h-1] above
 [next] Caption: 

List of Images from Internet

 [i-1] Caption: Skeleton of a svelte cat with a long, lean body, long neck, long tail and long legs. 
Source: University of Washington website
Retrieved 2013-12-20 at
 [i-2] Caption: Skeleton of a semi-cobby cat with a short neck, medium tail and medium legs.
Retrieved 2013-12-20 at
 [i-3] Caption: Examples of different skull types
Source: CFA website
Retrieved 2013-12-20 at
 [i-4] Caption: The photos above shows how the nose break influences the nose profile.
Source: The library from Persian Standard.
Article author: Mary Baldwin. 
Retrieved 2013-01-14 at
 [i-5] Caption: Measuring nose length
Source: Image assembled by author
 [i-6] Caption: Wampum cat degreaser
Source: Wampum website
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 [i-7] Caption: Bath taps with shower arm
Source: Google image browse
Retrieved 2014-04-21 at
 [i-8] Caption: 
Source: Wikipedia
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 [i-9]  Caption: Silver Lambkin
 Source: Simpson, Frances: The book of the Cat, p 146 (1903)
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List of Videos from Internet

 [v-1] Caption: Tellington TTouch(R) for Cats
Description: A Video stowing how to relax a cat by ear and hair stroking.
Source: Retrieved 2014-04-20 at
 [v-2] Caption:  
Source: Retrieved 2014-04-20 at ....