In memory of those who went before us up till 2010 in pioneering a place
for the Original Longhairs in the organized cat fancy: 
Jeanne Ramsdale, Stella Slabber ,
Jeannie Johnson and Marguerite Ravel. 

To Dr Johan Lamprecht of Cape Town who was always there to 
facilitate and make things happen in the organized cat fancy.

To Juanita Swierstra, daughter of Stella Slabber, for her supporting role.

To the breeders who initially helped preserve the Dearheart and similar lines
and their progenies during difficult times: 
Alida Delport, Janet Longman, Lucinda du Toit, Dianne Amble, Helen Cook,
Cindy Edmunds, Rose Woodroffe and Vicky Jacobs. 

To the Original Longhair breeders and exhibitors who participated in the
historic breed recognition show on 10 June 2010 in Cape Town: 
Alida Delport (
Cape Town)
Alta van der Wath (Paarl),
Cindy Edmunds (Johannesburg), 
 Allerston (
Cape Town),
Elsabé Buys (
Cape Town),
Jean van Zyl (Cape Town), 
Johan and Michelle de Kock (Hermanus), 
Judith van Rooyen (
Cape Town)
Irene Freed (Cape Town),
M Smalberger (Gauteng),\
N MaccKinnon (Gauteng),
Shelley and Donald Saunders (Port Elizabeth),
Teresa Hofmayer (Cape Town) and
Vera van Rooyen (Cape Town).
There were 28 cats present at the show.

To Michele Minteer (USA) who contributed via financial sponsoring
of Alida Delport in various ways:
an SLR camera;  grooming and cattery equipment and
paying for Olga's labour needed in the Cherie-Finesse Cattery
for cleaning and grooming so that Alida had more time to focus on the book. 

To Marlene Stahl and John Robinson who helped to arrange webinars to spread knowledge about the Original Longhair .