This website is used by author Alida Delport to write a book online. Alida constantly receives a large number of emails from all over the world, asking for information and advice. Answering these takes up a lot of time and effort. Alida decided to rather spend extra effort and answer these questions in her work-in-progress. The final book bundle will have three parts: each one a book in its own right.


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  • Great step: scaling down to focus on writing First big step: I sold my huge house and will be moving to a 2-bedroom dwelling. If my health holds I want to focus mostly on writing from now  on. Estimated time for the move: end April 2015.Below is a view of my new, tiny place.  
    Posted Feb 15, 2015, 8:38 PM by Alida Delport
  • Announcements page I am now serious tackling the book. Will only focus on part one for now. I chance my mind a lot: maybe writing online was not a good idea.  But I must say, I learned a lot by joining Toastmasters, where one is evaluated in a nice manner by fellow Toastmasters on everything you do. 
    Posted Dec 7, 2014, 3:29 AM by Alida Delport
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Genetics of the Chinchilla Persian - and a tribute to color breeders

(30-11-2014)  World famous Dr Leslie Loyns delivered a presentation on the Chinchilla genetics. Because end November celebrates Thanksgiving, the webinar also spent some time to give thanks to three major role players that initiated the long road of saving the Original Longhair cats from being barred at cat show benches after the brahycephalic mutated Persian took over the Persian standard: Jeanne Ramsdale, Jeannie Johnson and Stella Slabber.

The full webinar span 1,5 hours. For those that want to skip to specific sections, here is te time break-up on Youtube.

* Opening - by webinar Facilitator: John Robinson (6 minutes, 00:00 - 05:54)

* USA History - by Marlene Stahl (13 minutes, 05:54 - 18:55)

* John's intro to Alida Delport (1 minute, 18:55 - 21:15)

* SA History  - by Alida Delport (10 minutes, 21:15 - 31:27)

John & Marlene's intro to Dr Leslie Lyons (2,5 minutes, 31:27 - 34:55)

* Genetics - by Dr Leslie Loyns (40 minutes, 24:55 - 1:05:48)

* Q&A - Panel discussion facilitated by John Robinson (25 minutes, 1:05:48 - 1:30:28). 

YouTube Video

Saving the traditional Chinchilla Persian - an endangered species

Alida was keynote speaker on a webinar "Saving the Traditional Chinchilla Persian - an endangered species". This webinar explored the question:
"Is it possible for the old style, non-peeked longhair cats to return to
cat show benches as a breed in their own right on a global scale? ”
You can watch and listen to this webinar on Youtube: click below.

YouTube Video

Breed Recognition

WCF Breed Application Document

In 2010, an application for breed recognition of the "Traditional Longhair Silver and Golden, Shaded and Tipped variety cat breed", was accepted by the World Cat Federation (WCF). This application document was created by Alida Delport and presented at the WCF by Dr Johan Lamprecht. The breed standard was based on the breed standard for the "Chinchilla Longhair" as accepted by the South African Cat Council (SACC), but extended to include the recessive Golden Chinchillas in addition to the Silvers.
Nestle Purina Europe sponsored the WCF breed recognition show that was held in Cape Town on June 18, 2010. 
In 2012 the WCF extended the colour scope to be a mirror of the modern Persian spectrum.
In 2014 the WCF changed the breed name to "Original Longhair".

You can download a free copy of the breed recognition application document. This document, created by Alida Delport, is now licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

WCF Breed Proposal Presentation

In 2010 Dr Johan Lamprecht presented the breed recognition proposal to the WCF in Germany.  

The slide presentation, developed by Alida Delport with contribution by Dr Lamprecht, can be downloaded here.


Persian Cats and Other Longhairs

Jeanne Ramsdale, owner of the Dearheart cattery in the USA, published a book in 1964 with the title "Persian Cats and Other Longhairs".  If it was not for this book, the original longhairs may have disappeared from the earth. 

She mentored a small group of Chinchilla breeders to preserve the Chinchilla colour by adhering to the principles of colour-breeding: that is to breed only Chinchilla to Chinchilla. This resulted in a semi-closed gene pool which escaped the peke-faced modernization. 

The negative impact was that many breeders stopped to breed them, as they were looked down upon and criticized as "cats of inferior breed standard". Only a hand full of Jeanne Ramsdale followers continued to breed with the original longhairs.

Modern Persian
Original Longhair

When Stella Slabber of Cape Town bought Jeanne Ramsdale's book, she fell in love with the Dearheart Chinchillas. She contacted the author.  Over time, seven Dearheart cats were imported by Stella Slabber.

Original Longhair Cats and Related breeds

Under Jeanne Ramsdale mentorship, Stella Slabber lead a project in South Africa whereby the SA Cat Council (SACC) accepted a breed standard for the "Chinchilla Longhair" in 1996, separating them from the peke-faced Persian Chinchillas. This resulted in more and more breeders carrying on to breed them in South Africa. 

At the same time, Jeannie Johnson in the USA tried to get the original longhairs separated as a breed under the name Sterling in TICA.  Sadly, there was not enough buy-in in the USA, resulting in TICA having to abolish the Sterling breed proposal. 

After Stella passed away in 2006, Alida Delport, owner of the Cherie-Finesse cattery in Cape Town, continued Stella's vision. She lead a project whereby the World Cat Federation (WCF) accepted the "Traditional Longhair" standard in 2010 for Silver and Golden varieties, followed by an extension to all Persian colours in 2012.  The WCF has presence in thirty one countries. In 2014 the WCF changed the breed name to "Original Longhair".

About 50 years after Jeanne Ramsdale's book, Alida Delport was urged by fellow breeders to write this new book. The book, "Original Longhair Cats and Related Breeds" by Alida Delport, is in progress. It is published on this website as it progresses. Once a full printable state is reached, the book will be made available in printed and e-book formats. 

The website will remain as on-line reference site. 

Creative Commons License 

"Original Longhair Cats and Related Breeds" by Alida Delport is currently licensed under a 
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.